Family law matters can be the most sensitive and complex of any legal problem. Whom do the children live with? Do I get, or have to pay support? What happens if one parent moves out-of-state? At the Rappazzo Law Firm, located in Schenectady County, New York, we are attentive and responsive to the individual concerns of our clients, and committed to providing them with the legal service and advocacy they need to move forward in their lives.

Contact us today to discuss your personal family law needs and concerns with an attentive, compassionate Schenectady or Albany divorce lawyer.

We represent clients in the following family law matters:
• Divorce
• Interstate and multi-state issues
• Child custody, visitation and child support
• Alimony
• Equitable distribution of property
• Premarital/prenuptial agreements
• Separation agreements

From paternity issues to legal separations, we are familiar with all aspects of family law and have extensive experience helping clients find resolutions that are in their best interests. We will listen to your individual concerns, clearly explain all the options available, and work with you to determine an approach and solution that meets the needs of your changing family.

Attorney Rappazzo is a highly competent, well-respected family law attorney, with a unique insight into the comprehensive issues that need to be addressed in order to achieve the long term resolution of her clients' family law problems.

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